The voice of the silent is been heard by it action. The normal beat of my heart ceases whenever her voice in prayer stops. I thought her direction was a wrong mystery but have now realized that without her the shape of my life would have been meaningless, YES she is woman all men will need. Indeed you are my great woman, her sweet melodic voice heals me on my sick bed, cannot forget her toil for me through my education, her prayer that keeps me moving, the tears that drops whenever she sees me in pain and her suffering to put food in my mouth whiles hungry, and when i ask her mum why all you not eating she will say ” your smile is my joy”. You have made me who i am and not only that you have been my motivator, pillar in my life, also makes me feel like a queen in the presence of all and always feel very proud of me. No amount of words can describe who you are to me mum. You are truly my anchor in life.God bless you mum. Love you my incomparable mum.

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