Chantal is the president of the non-profit organization “Oasis du Bonheur”, a happiness restaurant where people in need can eat for free. She also has a day orphanage for 50 children and is the presenter of “Un instant de Bonheur” on Golf TV in Benin, since 10 years. With this TV show she is going to people in need to bring happiness and gifts. Being the Vlisco Ambassador of Benin, the selection and nomination was not only professional; it was also a bit spiritual. The history goes way back; with Vlisco it’s a love story, a generation and heritage story. As ambassador she would like to invite women to stay close, to work hard and to love what they do, and to take what’s strongest and truest inside them.

Chantal would like to share the following with you:

“Cultivating humility, always being true and sincere, working with passion, seeking peace and happiness around you.”

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