Constance Swaniker is the CEO of Accents & Arts Ltd who has managed, through sheer grit and hard-work, to carve a niche for herself in a male dominated environment.  She believes she has broken through the invisible yet clichéd ‘glass ceiling’ and won both the acknowledgement and respect of her male counterparts, collaborators and competitors alike. She has recently established the Art and Design Institute (ADI) which is an extension of Accents and Art Ltd (AAL) . The establishment of ADI grew out of excellent results achieved by AAL over the last several years by providing high quality training and internship opportunities to hundreds of students from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology (KNUST), Takoradi & Koforidua Polytechnics, Opportunities Industrialization Centre (OIC), National Vocational Training Institute (NVTI) and many other technical institutions in Ghana.

Constance would like to share the following with you:

“Whatever you dream of, you need to take concrete steps to achieve it. It doesn’t come by just saying. So whatever I envisioned, I have always had to work very hard to ensure it became a reality. The Creative Industry has a lot of prospects which can be tapped into, especially for graduates who complain of lack of job opportunities. Opportunities exist to pursue courses in technical and vocational courses.  Women should not be intimidated by their gender disparities but should rather take advantage of their feminine potential and work hard towards their goals.”

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