With the month-long Vlisco Women’s Month campaign in March 2015, Vlisco celebrated and paid tribute to successful African women who have made their dreams come true. As part of this initiative Vlisco created the Vlisco Fashion Fund. Its aim is to empower and encourage young female creative fashion professionals from West and Central Africa and unleash their true potential.

Tailors, designers and stylists were asked to submit a business plan of how they would make their dream a reality. Constance was one of the winners and receive funding of $1000, a fashion business package (fashion book, buste, sewing machine, tailor kit) and Master Classes and Fashion Training in Ghana to get invaluable business advice from the Vlisco team to help bring her dream to life. To Constance (Ghana), learning more about Vlisco was the most relevant. Read more about what she says about the trip en her designs!

How did you experience the Fashion Fund Winners trip?
The trip was awesome, meeting new people, learning new things, getting to know all about Vlisco. It’s been completely life changing and a great step in my career.

What is the most relevant part for you? Why?
Learning about Vlisco, that was the most relevant. It has made me understand the dynamics of the cloth, it’s not just a piece of fabric. It’s more than that.

Did you get new insights and learnings that you can immediately use for your business?
Yes I did, I learned new techniques that I will apply to my business, and this programme has empowered me. I can’t wait to do exploits!

How did you experience meeting up with the other winners?
It has been a wonderful experience. Having and exchanging ideas, getting to know each other, learning new things. It’s been amazing!

What characterizes your designs?
As a designer, simplicity is my key element. I believe strongly that less is always more. As such, I combine creativity and simplicity to make my clients look exquisite yet comfortable.

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