The Vlisco Ambassador of Ghana 2015 is Elizabeth Patterson. She is the founder and executive director of an organization called ‘The Girl’s Education Initiative of Ghana’, and its mission is to provide academic and financial support for girls – including applicants with special needs. So they can access higher education and professional opportunities. Elizabeth was nominated because of her personal story and the fact that her organization seemed so inspiring to young girls and young women. “Vlisco pays a lot of attention to women’s issues, especially on the continent of Africa. And me, I would say that women should never give up. Especially when you’re someone like me who basically died and was able to be brought back up, out of the hospital bed, I don’t see why you should give up. And why should let something as small as poverty… poverty is huge but to me it’s little, so I don’t see why you should want to give up in spite of all the odds.”

Elizabeth would like to share the following with you:

“Always strive for the best from yourself and others.”

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