Essivi Mimi Bossou-Soedjede is Togo’s Vlisco Ambassador of 2015. She is a big source of inspiration for many young people in her country as she fights for youth education, because she wants them to be actors of their own development. With the nomination for Vlisco Women’s Month 2015, she feels Vlisco revealed her to her country, to Africa and to the world. “It’s a great opportunity to tell everyone who is listening and who sees what I’m doing, that it is possible, that they can also succeed like me.”

Essivi Mimi is the Director of TV5 Monde which offers a fulfilling environment for young people, and recently also for women. They create programmes for each level of our target audience. She is still the Executive Director of Association Précieux Trésor de Vie, she also continues to coordinate the production of Ados Mag’ magazines for teenagers and Bakan’ magazines for children. She is now involved full time in sexual education for young people and the campaign to reduce pregnancies in schools. She is currently setting up a network for this campaign, a network made up of young people, pupils, but also doctors, executives, parents and sexual health specialists. She is currently putting together a sexual education handbook for young people and she is also setting up an activity resulting from my mandate as a Vlisco Ambassador. This is a sponsorship programme for deprived children and schools in rural areas.

Mimi would like to share the following with you:

“Beyond the cross is the glory, and gold is only really gold after you’ve been through fire. The path to success is strewn with stones and thorns, but if you manage to resist all these obstacles by keeping your sights set on your goals in life, you will end up achieving your dreams. Let’s continue to be daring, to take action, to take up our noble basic mission of the family unit and mother of humanity, let’s continue to work for good causes.”

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