Assistant to the Director of Public Relations at the ORTB (Benin’s national public broadcaster).
Manager of a fashion, styling and accessories shop:  Francine Fashion House (FFH)
President of the NGO Les Enfants de la Rue Bénin – LERB (Street Children Benin)

Francine would like to share the following with you:

“I would like to urge all women to fight in life, to be independent, by having an occupation that enables them to meet their needs and those of their children, this is the only guarantee of financial independence and their complete fulfilment.”

“They must also believe in an ideal in life. The first stage is to dream, then they must believe in this dream, believe in themselves, in their potential and their ability to be an entrepreneur, and to seek the means to make their dream come true, and by doing so the dream will become a reality.”

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