“My story about the woman who inspires me” is imbued with the story of many women who of no choices of theirs had to be single mothers all their lives.

In fact, Vlisco Brand Campaign 2015 couldn’t have said it any better, “Each mother who is blessed with a daughter passes on their wisdom and creates newfound traditions and moments to share; special moments.” And in these words I can clearly picture the painstaking efforts and love with which my biological mother has passed on her wisdom and special moments of raising us even as a single parent and a petty trader.

This story of my mother is about any woman (a single parent) who will sacrifice everything at anything to see her children through their education or skilled training.

Knowing her struggles and how she exercised faith, as she later narrated to me is what keeps me inspired each passing day. If you are a single parent raising your children all alone, this story is in honour of you.

Your story inspires me, mother.

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