She has always been creative, as we were growing up she was always the one dressing up her dolls and drawing dresses and pasting fabric swatches on the sketches. We all thought she was crafty but presumed she would outgrow it and follow another passion.

She went into Finance and worked for a South African Financial Institution for over 2 years yet always expressed how she had a headache when she was in her office and that she feels that her passion needed refueling.

She proved to me that following your dreams, especially if they are directed by passion, can be fulfilling and is vital, I have never seen her become so full of life, she now designs and creates bespoke outfits for different clients and various occasions. She gives talks to School children sharing her knowledge and deep-rooted passion about being focused on education and aligning focused knowledge with business and entrepreneurial skill.

She teaches me so much and does it so effortlessly. She is my inspiration.

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