With the month-long Vlisco Women’s Month campaign in March 2014, Vlisco celebrated and paid tribute to successful African women who have made their dreams come true. As part of this initiative Vlisco created the Vlisco Fashion Fund. Its aim is to empower and encourage young female creative fashion professionals from West and Central Africa and unleash their true potential.

Tailors, designers and stylists were asked to submit a business plan of how they would make their dream a reality. Alinafe was one of the winners and receive funding of $2500 and a Fashion Training in Ghana to get invaluable business advice from the Vlisco team to help bring her dream to life. We asked winner Marie-France some questions about her experience during the Vlisco Fashion Fund Trip. Marie-France (DRC) found the trip very beneficial for her business. Read more below!

How did you experience the Fashion Fund Winners trip?
I found this trip very benefic for my business and for myself as well. I really enjoyed not just taking part in the program but being part of the Vlisco family. I appreciated the hospitality very much and the way we all have been treated and felt special and appreciated.

What is the most relevant part for you? Why?
I received practical tips that I can apply to handle my business and grow. I enjoyed learning much more about what Vlisco is, got to really feel the Vlisco spirit! That way, I can vehicule better on what this brand that I am associated to really is, and what it stands for.

Did you get new insights and learnings that you can immediately use for your business?
How to seperate my business finances from my own business and I’ve learned practical ways to do it.

How did you experience meeting up with the other winners?
I enjoyed speaking to each one of them and could relate and learn a lot from them.

Do you have something else to share with us about the trip?
I appreciate the way that we’ve been treated a lot, with so much respect and Vlisco made sure we have a good time!

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