She is the CEO of Health Plus/Cassabella.
She is an inspiration to me because she willingly helps the less privileged and gives out so much to help the widows.. She helped a lot of kids in my daughters school who were scholarship students.. These are children of the less privileged. She even housed their parents and made them comfortable in cash and kind anytime the travelled far to visit their children in school and couldn’t afford hotel accommodation. During her birthday she insisted that all proceeds and gifts be sent to Autism schools, Mothers Homes and Children development centers. She has travelled the world to reach out to Youths, Women and Children to give inspiring messages and talks and has helped to uplift and upgrade the Pharmaceutical Organisation home and abroad and the Beauty world at large.
Bukky has a large heart and will accommodate all and sundry at the drop of a hat.
She has put smiles on so many faces and wiped the tears off so many as well(including mine).

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