Patience Barandenge owes her success to her rich and varied personal career path. Her dream is that every young girl should have the right to be an independent entrepreneur.  She perfectly combines the life of a single mother with her passion in running a group of women entrepreneurs.

Patience would like to share the following with you:

“From my experience, I’ve learned that learning to let go requires a lot of strength and courage. Sometimes  learning to let go  is way more powerful than defending  ourselves and holding on to things. Certain changes will seem to be negatif but you will soon realize that it was meant to bring something new and better in your life. My advice to women would be to never be afraid of failure. With every failure comes a lesson, it’s all part of life. Dare to risk, dare to dream, it’s the only way of going forward. Success comes when we believe in ourselves and our project. Learn to anticipate and accept risks, mistakes and failure.”

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