My sister has always been my look up to person. She’s a pacesetter and go-to person for myself and our cousins. She says dream big and we can be whatever we want to be with hard work and commitment. Observing her,and the choices she has made over the years including moving to the USA to pursue an MBA program, living in a foreign land and building new friendships/relationships taught me a lot.Within the last 8 months, she moved to Ghana from a 4-year stay ready to create an impact and took a job as a design and entrepreneurship lecturer at Ashesi University. She gives guidance on how we can turn our simple ideas into impactful busineses. I have a fashion dream and she is my number 1 client and fan both financially and in business consulting. I visited her class presentation once and I was a proud sister to see students’ faces light-up seeing their start-ups come alive. She wants to make an impact on her world! Without knowing it, she challenges me to step up my game and make my dreams come alive.

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