With the month-long Vlisco Women’s Month campaign in March 2013, Vlisco celebrated and paid tribute to successful African women who have made their dreams come true. As part of this initiative Vlisco created the Vlisco Fashion Fund. Its aim is to empower and encourage young female creative fashion professionals from West and Central Africa and unleash their true potential.

Tailors, designers and stylists were asked to submit a business plan of how they would make their dream a reality. Sheila won the third prize and receive funding of $5000 and invaluable business advice from the Vlisco team to help bring her dream to life.

Sheila’s dream is to be the leading fashion brand that provides sophisticated and timeless fashion to the African continent and beyond. Sheila’s fashion brand, SHE, is built on a simple defining principal: to create sophisticated fashion for confident women. It’s something she is so passionate about, that she gave up a very promising career as an architect to pursue her dream. Such grit and determination struck a chord with the judges. The Vlisco Fashion Fund judges said: ‘She was daring and followed her dream.’ Her clothing line is based on unique, eclectic styles created with African and exotic fabrics. With this she aims to transform African perception of locally crafted clothes. She understands her market, her clientele and competitors.

It’s clear Sheila has both a fashion and business head on her shoulders, both essential skills for her undoubted future success.

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