International Women’s Day, on 8 March, celebrates women around the world. This year, Vlisco honours all inspiring women of West and Central Africa during the entire month of March. With the theme DREAMS COME TRUE, Vlisco pays tribute to all African women with dreams, and especially those who dare to take the right steps to bring them to life.

Vlisco Women’s Month 2016
Women have been a source of inspiration for Vlisco since the very beginning. This year Vlisco celebrates its 170th anniversary, in which women will play a key role. It is the perfect moment to reflect on 170 years of design, heritage and heart-warming stories.

That is why in this year’s edition, we want to reflect on the many heart-warming stories Vlisco Women’s Month has brought us. And because every woman has an inspiring story to tell, we want to give all women a stage. A stage to tell their story and to share the special woman in their life, who has inspired them to make their dreams come true.

Join the Vlisco Women’s Month activities
Various Vlisco Women’s Month activities will take place during the entire month of March, with special offers at participating boutiques and various themed events. The Vlisco Women’s Month ambassadors of 2015 will join several activities in Ghana, Nigeria, Benin, Togo, DRC and Ivory Coast to empower women in the areas of business, education and health. At these events, they will share their success stories to encourage other women to face their own challenges and realise their dreams.

Win a Vlisco fabric
On you can share a photo and story of the woman who inspires you the most. Every week we will raffle 7 winners out of all participants; he or she will win a fabric of the second season of this year!

Discover more at
On the special Inspirational Women Page on you will find all the inspirational stories of ambassadors, fashion fund winners and previous nominees. Come back to the blog every week to discover stories about the activities that took.

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