During the whole month of March 2014 once again Vlisco celebrated women with the Vlisco Women’s Month. This campaign was all about empowering and inspiring women and more specifically to motivate them to ‘Dare to Dream’.

To honor the outstanding achievements of West and Central African women by identifying and rewarding those who inspire others to realise their dreams, Vlisco nominated twenty women (in Nigeria, Ghana, DRC, Togo, Benin, RCI) from whom six won the Vlisco Women’s Month Awards.

On Monday 23rd June 2014 the six winners of the Vlisco Women’s Month arrived to the Netherlands for their three-day visit. This visit was to once again honor the winners, to let them explore the Netherlands and to of course have a closer look into Vlisco’s world. Of course, we will take you through this trip with amazing photo’s (by Seth Carnill) and a video!

The day started with an informative morning where the ambassadors were told about the history of Vlisco, the production of the fabrics and about the inevitable bond between Vlisco and Africa. This informative morning was followed by a guided tour through the Vlisco factory. The ladies were genuinely impressed about every step within the process of the production of True Original Vlisco fabrics. Next, was a visit to the Vlisco Boutique.

Vlisco Women’s Month Ambassador 2014: “so many women have been touched by my win, they’ve been inspired. I’ll be eternally grateful for that. Please, do not stop living your values and this aspirational and inspirational program.”

The second day of the trip started in the Vlisco office in Amstelveen, where they were informed about how to recognize True Original Vlisco fabrics. Afterwards, the women dived more into the Dutch culture by visiting a cheese farm. Here they were shown the process of making cheese, which included a visit to the milk cows and tasting authentic pieces of Dutch cheese from the farm. In the afternoon the ambassadors visited Madurodam, a park that displays the Netherlands in miniature. The perfect way to see more of the Netherlands when you’re visiting the country in a rush!

The 3rd and last day of the Vlisco ambassadors began with a visit to the world famous Rijksmusuem in Amsterdam where museum tour guides gave them a closer look at fascinating art and its history. Next, came the busiest part of the day where the ambassadors were all beautified by professional make up artists and dressed up – ready for the photo shoots, interviews and videos of upcoming Vlisco campaigns. To wrap up this long and productive day and of course their three-day trip the ambassadors, together with a few colleagues of the Vlisco team, were treated to a well-deserved dinner that was enjoyed during a channel tour in Amsterdam.

Want to see more of this amazing trip and special women? You will absolutely enjoy the video of the complete trip.

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