As Editorial Director of Graines de Pensées, she tries to take up the challenges related to the development of our editorial activities: promoting reading and books as an educational and developmental tool with a particular emphasis on the education of young girls, passing on the desire to read to young Africans, offering them the possibility to access rewarding information, fostering critical thinking in them, fighting sexist prejudices and through our publications, offering African women the tools of their emancipation, promoting African cultural heritage, working to preserve national languages, and in general contributing to a better awareness of the profession of editor, who passes on ideas and discovers talent.

Yasmîn would like to share the following with you:

“You never finish achieving your dreams, as long as you live you carry on dreaming of better things for yourself, your family, your country.  In order to do that you need to have a vision, to plan for the future, to know what you’ve achieved and constantly improve it. Believing in yourself and knowing that you can be fulfilled through work. Giving yourself the means to make your dreams come true by training (studying for as long as possible), by sharing with others, listening and respecting the laws of nature. Having extreme motivation that borders on passion, absolute determination and self-control. Being realistic by accepting that you will build in stages, questioning yourself often, confronting adversity, accepting a fall but knowing how to get up. Not being afraid of being innovative, of thinking outside the box and drawing inspiration from someone who has succeeded!”

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